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Meet these 3 requirements to enjoy monthly cash rebates up to $1,000:

step 2

Trade a minimum of $250 in monthly costs*

step 3

Maintain a $10,000 cash balance at the end of each month

* We’ll offer a grace period for your signup month and reimburse trading costs below the $250 minimum as you may not have an entire month to trade. You will still need to meet the $10,000 cash balance requirement. To understand trading costs for various markets, please see FAQs.

Example (All amounts in SGD)

  • In February, you sign up for a City Index account and deposit $10,000, trading enough to incur $275 in costs (spread, commissions and financing).
  • At the account review date on February 28, after confirming you’ve met the $10,000 cash balance requirement, we process your $275 cash rebate.
  • If you do not meet the trading or cash balance requirement in any month, you will not receive a cash rebate for that month and end your participation in the “Trade Free For A Year” program.

Free Trading FAQs

If you meet our cash balance and trade criteria each month for 12 months, you will receive 12 individual cash rebates on each month’s trading costs. If your trading costs exceed $1,000 each month, that’s 12 x $1,000 (maximum months x maximum monthly rebate) equaling $12,000 cash – available to be withdrawn to spend how you choose.

Clients who do not meet the $10,000 monthly cash balance or $250 monthly trading cost minimum requirements will not receive a rebate for that month and cease participation in the program without opportunity to rejoin. They will retain the cash rebates earned to date but will forego the opportunity to continue to earn cash rebates in the following months. To maximise the value of rewards of this program you need to meet the program requirements continuously for 12 months.

Note that we offer a grace period for a client’s first month (their signup month) where we’ll reimburse trading costs even if below the $250 threshold, as long as the $10,000 cash balance requirement is still met.

It means you need to incur trading costs of $250 each month, made up of commissions, financing charges and spreads. You monthly statement contains your commissions and financing costs, however it does not capture spread costs.

Please see the table below for indicative costs of popularly-traded markets on the City Index platform. There is no limitation on what markets you can trade in this program.

Assets Class FX Indices Commodities Share CFDs
Market AUDSGD Wall Street Gold Apple DBS
Quantity   1 10 200 1000
Trade Size / Notional AUD$100,000 USD$34,000 USD$18,000 USD$33,000 SGD$32,000
Average Spread (points) 4 5 0.5    
Commission (min)       1.5c/USD $15 .08%/SGD $10
Commission Cost       USD$15.00 SGD$25.60
Spread Cost SGD$40 USD$5 USD$5    
Daily Financing Cost SGD$3.70 USD$3.78 USD$2.00 USD$3.67 SGD$3.51
Total Cost SGD - 1 Day SGD$43.70 SGD$12.02 SGD$9.59 SGD$25.57 SGD$29.11
Total Cost SGD - 5 Day SGD$58.50 SGD$32.72 SGD$20.55 SGD$45.66 SGD$43.13

For illustrative purposes only, subject to change. Daily Financing for FX is based off a swap rate of $0.37c per $10,000. Daily Financing APR% Wall Street, Gold and Share CFDs assumed at 4%. Prices used for model assume Wall Street index at 34,000, Gold at $1800 USD, Apple at $165 USD and DBS at $32 SGD. Daily Financing for US markets (Wall Street, Gold and Apple Shares) is based off 360 days in year. SGDUSD exchange rate at 0.73.

Please contact our client services team on +65 6826 9988 or email [email protected] and the team will happily provide you with your most up-to-date trading costs.

For the month you signup to the program, as long as you meet the $10,000 cash balance requirement, we will reimburse your trading costs, even if your costs are below the $250 minimum. This is because you may not have an entire month to trade depending on what date you opt-in to the program so will offer a grace period for your first month’s trading.

A client’s cash balance may move higher and lower during the month as profitable or loss-making trades are closed. The only requirement is that at the time of account review at the end of the month SGD$10,000 cash is present on account.

Accounts will be reviewed on the last business day of each month and credited within ten business days of the next month. While we endeavour to remain true to these dates, changes in when we’re able to review and credit accounts may occur.

Yes. Clients who are active traders can participate in both rebate programs, effectively earning rebates on their first $1,000 in trading costs (after the $250 minimum has been reached) and for clients that qualify, they can also access our volume-based rebate program.

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