SMART Signals:
Objective. Transparent.

Get trade ideas driven by statistics – not opinions. See
how SMART Signals have performed in the past, so you can decide how they might perform in the future.

  • View the rationale behind every signal
  • Know when each trade opportunity expires
  • Utilise suggested stops and limits to execute faster

Move beyond technical analysis

Harness the power of trading algorithms. Get live trade ideas that help you master the markets.

Discover a new breed of signal

smart signals

  • Statistical. The SMART Signals engine hunts for 800+ price-action patterns – analysing 100,000s of data points each day
  • Measurable. See precisely how our signals have performed in each market over time
  • Algorithmic. Harness the power of trading algorithms, without learning to code
  • Ready-to-trade. Each signal comes with a suggested strategy, including stop and take-profit level
  • Timeframed. Know when every signal expires, so there’s no guesswork

Change the way you trade

The SMART Signals engine automatically monitors over 25 major global markets for emerging price action patterns based on years of historical data.

It pinpoints potential short-term trade ideas and highlights them on your City Index platform or app, along with a suggested strategy. The algorithm filters hundreds of opportunities each day, only presenting you with 4, 6 and 12-hour trade ideas that meet specific statistical criteria.

NOTE: StoneX Financial Pte. Ltd. has provided the information available on this service for your general guidance. We take great care in ensuring that the information is accurate, however we accept no liability in this respect. You should be aware that the content is subject to change without notice.

Explore SMART Signals

Start using SMART Signals to improve the way you trade by watching our handy tutorial video below. Then simply access SMART Signals from your City Index web platform or mobile app.

SMART Signals FAQs

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Is there any additional cost to trade SMART Signals?

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Are SMART Signals specifically selected for me?

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