Alphabet Inc A CFD

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Product Information

Instrument Name Alphabet Inc A CFD
Commission 200 %
Spreads 0 Points
0 - 190010.00 %
1900 - 750020.00 %
7500 - 1500030.00 %
15000 - 3010040.00 %
30100 + 50.00 %
Trading Hours 2:30:00 PM - 9:00:00 PM
Guaranteed Order Min Distance 10.00 %
If you are interested in buying Google stock, then you should really be looking at Alphabet stock: Alphabet is the new trading name for Google. Alphabet is one of the most valuable technology stocks on the planet and its high valuation means that most retail investors can only afford to buy a couple of shares. This has not stemmed interest in the Google stock price, of course, as Google continues to expand into new areas. Alphabet has now split its stock into two blocks – while the Alphabet share classes trade very closely to each other, Alphabet Inc Class A, trading under the GOOGL ticker, represent the voting shares for Alphabet, and trade at a consistent premium to C-shares. A look at the Google chart will show you that the gap between the two Google share classes remains very much the same.

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Trade Share CFDs with low commissions and tight spreads