Knockout Options

Knockout Options are an innovative and simple way
to trade major FX, Indices and Commodities markets, with a range of unique features and benefits.

  • Trade with higher leverage
  • Limited risk with guaranteed protection
  • Simple, transparent pricing

What are Knockout Options?

Knockout Options are options trades with a unique feature whereby the price moves one-for-one with the underlying City Index price. Enjoy greater flexibility and control when choosing your margin, maximum risk tolerance and Knockout Level.

If the price reaches the Knockout Level, your trade is guaranteed to close at that price, making it a limited risk trade. Trade with confidence knowing that your potential gains are unlimited, but losses will not exceed margin.

There are two types of Knockout Option - UP KO and DOWN KO, allowing you to take advantage of both rising and falling markets.

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Why trade Knockout Options?

Trade with higher leverage

Decide your margin and risk by choosing your Knockout Level and trade size

Limited risk

Trade confidently with fixed Maximum
Risk and limitless potential gains

close out price

Guaranteed closeout price

Your trade is guaranteed to automatically close at the Knockout Level you choose, with no slippage


No complicated or hidden transaction fees ensure a simpler trading process


Trade on falling markets (DOWN KO) as well as rising markets (UP KO)

Licensed broker

Trade with a reputable and fully-licensed broker, regulated by MAS

How to trade Knockout Options

You can trade Knockout Options quickly and easily from our Web Trader platform and Mobile apps
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