Cash Rebates:
Be rewarded for trading with us

Active CFD traders can earn monthly cash rebates when they meet required minimum trade volumes.

Take advantage of our ultra-competitive volume based rebates scheme, and earn when you trade Shares, Forex and Indices.

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Tiered rebates

Trade larger volumes and earn greater cash rebates

Multiple asset classes

Earn rebates when you trade FX, shares and indices

Monthly pay out

Earn every month when you meet the minimum notional volume

Start earning cash rebates today

Active traders can start earning rebates once they trade the minimum monthly volume in a given asset class during a calendar month. Our minimum trading volumes are much lower compared to other leading providers, and you can start earning rebates from trading volumes as low as $1 million.

Our rebates are tiered, meaning the rebate amount paid out is higher for larger volumes – so the more you trade, the more you could earn. You can find full details of the trading requirements and rebate amounts in the section below.

Rebates are automatically paid directly in to your trading account during the first week of the following month.
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How to qualify for cash rebates

Trade the below minimum volumes and cash rebates will be deposited to your account on the first week of each calendar month.

This is our way of saying thank you for trading with us. The more you trade the more you are rewarded.


If you trade monthly volume of $287m
You will receive: 287 x $8.5 = $2,439.5


If you trade monthly volume of $223m
You will receive: 223 x $9 = $2,007


If you trade monthly volume of $12m
You will receive: 12 x $85 = $1020