• Recognia Technical and Fundamental Analysis

    City Index offers access to thousands of financial instruments, many of which are available to trade 24-hours a day. With so many products and opportunities to choose from, and with your time at a premium, how do you find the trade opportunities that can make your trading more successful?

    City Index offers account holders access to powerful tools to help you with your trading. One of the tools at your disposal is Recognia, a leader in providing premium analysis and trade recommendations.

    Recognia’s research helps validate investment decisions, manage risk and find trade ideas. It provides coverage on more than 65,000 instruments on 85 exchanges worldwide, including shares, forex, indices and commodities. Recognia products service some of the largest and most successful firms and institutions worldwide including: Bloomberg, Fidelity, Merrill Edge (Bank of America), to name a few.

    Technical Insight™ and Value Analyzer offer technical and fundamental analysis that can help you find profitable trade ideas:

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    Technical Insight™

    With Recognia Technical Insight™ you get access to premium analytics from a leader in Technical and Quantitative analysis. Technical Insight™ combines technical analysis with fundamental strategies, providing all types of investors and traders with actionable trade ideas, idea validation and risk management assistance.

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    Value Analyzer™

    The Value Analyzer™ uses fundamental research to provide a simple, intuitive view of all the key value investing metrics for a particular stock, all on a single page.

    Value Analyzer’s value indicator analyses all the key information, then provides a simple traffic light indicator to show whether the stock matches the relevant value investing criteria. It also provides a list of pre-screened investment ideas which are updated daily and organised by industry sector.

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