MetaTrader 4

  • MT4 (MetaTrader 4) just got better.
    We offer ‘MT4 enhanced’, with additional powerful features available exclusively for City Index MT4 FX clients, such as:

    • Expert Advisors (EAs)
    • One-click dealing
    • Professional charting package
    • Customisable leverage up to 50:1
    • Price tolerance

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    What is MT4?

    MT4 is one of the most popular forex trading platforms today and comes with an impressive array of features, straight out of the box.

    • Expert Advisors (EAs): Download and explore automated trading strategies via the MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) or create your own Automated Trading System using MQL4
    • One-click dealing: Trade the forex market instantly with one click
    • Custom indicators: Analyse price moves and trends with custom indicators to generate trading signals in real time.
    • Professional charting package: Access a vast array of technical indicators with the MT4 charting package.

    You can also access our full range of desktop platforms, such as the professional Advantage Trader platform, and range of mobile and tablet trading apps with your MT4 FX account log in.

    MT4 enhanced with City Index

    With City Index, MT4 is even more impressive. As a trader with us, you have exclusive access to a whole host of features, unavailable to those trading with the regular MT4 platform.

    • Customisable leverage: Select from 20:1 to 50:1 leverage per each forex pair
    • Price tolerance: Manage your trade execution levels during times of high market volatility
    • Full access to all of the award-winning City Index mobile, tablet and desktop platforms

    The benchmark retail forex trading platform is essential on its own, but absolutely unmissable with City Index.

    Professional forex trading with MT4

    With City Index, MT4 is more powerful than ever before. Here’s a quick breakdown of the exclusive features.

    Customisable Leverage

    Customise your leverage for each forex pair (up to 50:1) to suit your trading strategy.

    Margin Information via MT4

    Due to the enhanced features we have built into City Index MT4 such as customisable leverage per symbol, the MT4 Free Margin value will not be correct. To access your accurate real time margin information, please click on the ‘Company’ tab at the bottom of the MT4 platform.

    Price Tolerance

    Price tolerance with City Index allows you to nominate the amount of pips you are prepared to accept in case of price slippage to ensure fast execution in times of high market volatility. However, if you don’t want to accept any slippage, simply select ‘0’ to ensure your trades do not suffer from price slippage. Find out more about price tolerance.

    For example, if the EUR/USD buy or offer price is 1.3050 when the trade is executed and the price improves to 1.3049 (one pip improvement), the trade will be executed at the improved price of 1.3049 to give you another distinct advantage over other retail forex traders.

    Access our full range of trading platforms

    Unlike other providers who limit your MT4 access to one platform, an MT4 FX account with City Index enables you to access our full range of desktop trading platforms, including the professional MT4 platform and our mobile and tablet apps. This innovation means you have unrestricted access to your FX account whenever you want – even when you’re on the move. With your FX account, you can utilise all the features and tools available via our range of platforms.

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