• Our FX spreads start at
    0.5 points. (That’s pretty tight.)

    We’re squeezing the spreads on all our major currency pairs:
    • Trade EUR/USD and USD/JPY from just 0.5 pts
    • Trade GBP/USD from just 0.8 pts

    Our new Variable Spreads offer great value

    Major FX pairs including EUR/USD, USD/JPY and AUD/USD will now be priced from just 0.5 pts and will be reducing our GBP/USD spread to just 0.8 pts. We will also be shifting from Fixed to Variable Spreads from 24th October which means you’ll enjoy even better value than ever before.

    With markets expecting a significant increase in volatility during the lead up to and immediate aftermath of the US election on November 8th, these tighter spreads offer FX traders an opportunity to maximise their potential earnings. See the table below for a list of our major FX spread changes, you can view a full list of our FX prices here.

    Our new FX spread changes




    *The Average Spread is the 24 hour mean average spread for the two-weeks ending 7th October 2016. This data is updated regularly but please see our website and market information sheets for the latest information. Spreads may widen depending on market volatility.

    “Minimum” vs “Average Variable” Spreads

    The ‘Minimum Spread’ is the lowest spread we quote on the respective FX pair and is a variable spread which is based on the live feed provided to us by leading banks and liquidity providers. As it is variable, it can fluctuate during the trading day depending on liquidity and volatility.

    The ‘Average Spread’ is a time-weighted average taken from all quotes over a one-month period, and is updated regularly to show the latest data. The average spread, taking in to account all spreads quoted, still works out considerably cheaper than our current ‘Fixed Spreads’ and likely to be lower than what you are paying elsewhere.

    FX news, analysis and insights from our expert analysts

    US Presidential Election: Potential Market Impacts

    It has been a “Super Tuesday” for CPI inflation data. Two down, one to go: New Zealand and Britain both delivered stronger-than-expected inflation figures and now the focus turns to the world’s largest economy. US headline September CPI is seen rising 0.3% month-over-month or 1.5% year-over-year, while core CPI is expected to come in at 0.2% m/m and 2.3% y/y. If confirmed or bettered, the US dollar... Read more

    Europe will like a Clinton victory more by November

    The start of the week was marked by a weaker dollar and a decline in Treasury yields. Even the battered pound has managed to shrug off political risks and break above 1.22. The euro also managed to claw its way back above the critical 1.10 level overnight, although both pairs have given back some gains as we have progressed through the Asian session. So, can we expect more weakness from the dollar, and if so, how much?... Read more

    US presidential debate moves unwind; gold coiling for breakout

    The pound is under pressure once again on Monday, after a weak open during the Asia session pushed GBP/USD back towards 1.2150. Part of the decline is down to negative political headlines: fears of a second Scottish referendum are building, and some UK newspapers reported on Sunday that the UK Chancellor could quit his post after he was excluded from government meetings because he criticised... Read more

    Market jitters rise ahead of Clinton/Trump debate

    The announcement late on Wednesday that Tesco would remove Unilever products from its shelves after the consumer goods company demanded a 10% price increase on everything from Marmite to dishwasher tablets is another tangible sign of the power of the weak pound. Some corners of the press are up in arms about... Read more

    FX Trading – The numbers that matter

    $5.1 trillion

    Average daily turnover of global FX market, making it the most heavily traded market in the world

    24 Hours a day

    FX markets open at 22:00 GMT on Sunday and remain open 24 hours until 22:00 GMT on Friday.


    Number of currency pairs available to trade at City Index.

    What are some of the major FX pairs?


    Sometimes referred to as “Cable” the GBP/USD currency pair has a colourful history with The Times first publishing the daily exchange rate in 1886.


    The most heavily traded currency pair in the world, the “Euro Dollar” refers to the rate of exchange between the market’s two strongest currencies.


    The EUR/GBP pair represents a cross between the two powerhouse economies in Europe and is especially sensitive to BoE and ECB policy changes.

    Trade FX around the US Election

    Trade now on our award-winning platforms and make the most of US Election market movement.

    Key upcoming FX trading events

    Tuesday 18 October

    Consumer Price Index (YoY)

    United Kingdom

    Tuesday 1 November

    BoJ Interest Rate Decision


    Tuesday 8 November

    US Presidential Elections

    United States

    Wednesday 2 November

    Fed Interest Rate Decision

    United States

    Friday 4 November

    Non-farm Payroll report

    United States

    Tuesday 15 November

    Reserve Bank of Australia Minutes



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