Getting Started

  • Getting started: become a trader in six steps

    If you’ve ever thought about starting to trade the markets, but you’re not sure where to start, this webinar series is for you.

    Our Chief Technical Strategist, James Chen covers everything from how to spot trading opportunities right through to technical analysis methods and the all-important risk management.

    Part one – Introduction to trading

    In the first part of this webinar series, James introduces some popularly traded markets and gives an overview of trading.

    • Strengths and weaknesses of popular markets
    • How to spot trading opportunities
    • Real-life trade examples using recent events

    Part two – How to get started

    James talks through some of the key platforms and tools you can use to get started trading.

    • Getting started with the trading platform
    • How to use charts
    • Useful trading tools
    • Setting up your trading dashboard

    Part three – Technical and fundamental analysis, entry and exit points, and risk management

    James gives an overview of the two main analysis methods used in trading - technical and fundamental - as well as insights into trade entry and exit points.

    • How to spot trading trends
    • Finding the right trade entry and exit points
    • Choosing entry and exit strategies
    • Risk-management tips

    Part four – Basic trading tools and techniques

    James introduces the key technical trading tools and techniques you can use to identify trading opportunities:

    • Overview of popular technical tools and techniques
    • How to spot resistance and support lines in the market
    • How to use moving averages, Fibonacci and candlesticks

    Part five – Intermediate trading strategies

    Take your trading to the next level, with part five, in which James talks through intermediate trading strategies and uses actual market examples.

    • Using analytical elements such as confluence
    • How to use multiple time frames
    • Key correlation tactics

    Part six – Trading plans, money management and trading psychology

    In the final part of the webinar series, James shares some of the most important elements of successful long-term trading as well as how to avoid psychological trading errors:

    • How to create a comprehensive trading plan
    • Sound money-management techniques
    • How trading psychology and emotion cause errors
    • How to become a better long-term trader