How-to Guides

  • Whatever stage you’re at with your trading, there’s always more to discover that can develop your knowledge and improve your trading.

    We’ve arranged these guides into beginner and advanced categories so you can grow and progress at your own pace.


    How to start trading the markets

    The perfect place to start if you’re new to trading and unsure where to begin. Get an overview of trading and discover the five key things you should know before you start.

    Creating a trading plan

    Trading plans are commonly used by experienced traders to help them avoid negative trading behaviour and minimise risk. Discover the crucial elements that go into a trading plan and how to create your own.

    Managing your risk

    There’s no such thing as a trader who never loses. But here are some of the most important things you can do to manage your risk and limit your losses.

    Trade the financial markets (eBook)

    Our ‘How to Trade the Financial Markets eBook’ is crucial reading for anyone new to trading.

    It’s packed with tips on technical analysis and trading techniques, penned by some of our leading financial commentators and analysts.

    Through its simple and easy-to-read format, you’ll learn how to create the ideal trading plan, identify common chart patterns, and get to grips with effective risk management.

    How to trade stocks

    In this article, we look to cover some basics of share trading, and demonstrate the different approaches and strategies traders use when deciding what position to take. We’ll also show you why CFD trading and spread betting is a unique and cost-effective alternative to traditional shares trading, and how it could maximise your trading potential.

    Navigating periods of stock market volatility

    Want to see what volatility can do for your trading? Learn about its causes, how it varies - market by market, and how to find and exploit the opportunities that volatility creates, whatever you trade.


    Fundamental analysis

    Learn how to use fundamental analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a particular market and assess whether the price will rise or fall in the future.

    Options trading strategies

    Discover the trading strategies popularly used by experienced options traders, including strangles, straddles and covered calls.

    Running profits and managing open trades

    Hone these key aspects of trading to improve your chances of successful long-term trading, including profit targeting, scaling in, scaling out, and trailing stop losses.

    Technical analysis

    An overview of technical analysis and its theories, and the main differences between technical and fundamental analysis.

    Technical analysis: key tools

    Find out more about the tools used by technical traders to analyse market prices and predict moves, including line charts, candlesticks and OHLC.