Why Trade Forex?

  • FX trading is a true 24-hour market. It has minimal transaction costs, low capital requirements, and greater liquidity.

    At City Index, you can take advantage of the volatility and liquidity of the world’s largest market, trading spot FX on margin - in USD. Our flexible offering enables you to match your trading style with our customisable trading platform, wide range of FX pairs, adaptable lot sizes, Advanced Charts package and variable leverage retail forex offering.

    Transparent pricing

    Transparent pricing takes away the tricky calculations. Our tight spreads can reduce your trading costs and, more importantly, you will always know the spread at which you can trade, even when low liquidity may widen underlying forex spreads.

    With no hidden fees and charges and no commission, you will always know the cost of a trade upfront before you place it. You can also use the City Index Roll Over Calculator to identify any roll over costs that your trades might induce before you actually place the trade, increasing price and trade transparency further.

    Micro or mini?

    At City Index, it is possible to set your own lot size. You can trade micro or mini lots of 1,000 to 100,000, depending on your strategy. Flexible rather than standard fixed lot sizes allow you to have a more powerful management of risk exposure, ensuring a fully customisable trading experience.

    Develop your own trading strategies

    Real-time prices ensure that there is no price lag, allowing for immediate execution to maximise your profit potential, even in volatile markets. With your City Index MT4 forex trading account, you can access advanced drawing tools and 100+ technical indicators, set automatic price alerts as well as run your own automated forex trading strategies in real time.

  • Any Questions?

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