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    • Trade Singapore, Hong Kong and US CFD equities
    • 1 point spreads on Germany 30 and UK 100
    • Over 5,000 CFD markets
    • Minimum SGD10 or 0.08% commission on all SGD denominated share CFDs

    What is CFD Trading?

    What is CFD Trading?

    CFDs are a high-leveraged alternative to traditional forms of trading.

    How to Trade CFDs

    How to Trade CFDs

    CFDs let you trade rising or falling markets, so you can profit even when prices are on the decline.

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    Contracts for difference (CFDs) allow you to trade on the price movement of shares, indices, currencies and commodities without owning the underlying instrument.

    Because CFDs are leveraged products, a trade only uses a fraction of your trading capital – meaning you can gain a larger exposure for a relatively small investment amount, giving you a more efficient and effective way to invest across a range of global markets.

    With CFDs, you can potentially profit from both rising and falling markets.

    If you believe the price of a market will rise, you 'go long' or buy.

    If you believe the price of a market will fall, you 'go short' or sell.

    For example, if you think the US 500 Index will fall in the coming days because some major US firms are expected to report weak earnings, you can go short. If the index moves in the way you’ve predicted, you can profit from every point the US 500 Index falls.

    Remember, however, that while leveraged trading allows you to gain a larger market exposure, magnifying any potential profits, your losses could be magnified in the same way. So, if the S&P moves in the opposite way to your prediction, you may incur losses that exceed your deposit.

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